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          学生缺席 联系 日历

          02392 823766



          St Edmund's Catholic School was established by the Roman Catholic people of Portsmouth to provide a Christian education for their children within the discipline 和 traditions of the Catholic Church.

          The fundamental aim of the School today is to present a clear Christian philosophy 和 way of life, providing opportunities in which Christian values may develop. 这反映在校训:







          • 鼓励教会传下来给我们的信仰的精神发展和理解。 
          • 创造的秩序,纪律和尊重的气氛。 
          • Build a family which cares for all its members and where understanding, mutual trust, friendship 和 collaboration are fostered.
          • 让每一个学生实现自己的真正潜力。
          • 保持卓越的标准在教学和学习,并提供一个广泛的,平衡的和相关的课程。 
          • 完善的好奇心,想象力,创造力和终身学习的热情。 

          “结果小学生都 优秀"

          OFSTED 2016




          学校的精神和道德生活 优秀 (第48节2016)。

          Our Chapel is open to anyone who wishes to use the space for quiet time, personal reflection, 一种s well as an opportunity to talk to our Chaplain.

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          “学生的精神,道德,社会和文化发展 优秀."




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          “在学校课程 反映和支持 学生的兴趣和愿望“。

          OFSTED 2016



          St Edmund's Catholic School values the quality of care extended to all members of our community.  A happy student will make progress, with teachers who understand their needs as individuals 和 nurture positive relationships.

          The partnership with parents is essential to our work 和 a key factor in ensuring that students are successful.  This forms an important aspect of our personalised transition process.


          “的底层培养 尊重和友善 所有学生巩固的每一个元素 经验。"

          OFSTED 2016


          St Edmund was educated at the universities of Oxford and Paris and taught theology at Oxford.He was a man of study 和 prayer.

          In 1233 he was elected Archbishop of Canterbury by Pope Gregory IX. St Edmund appointed as his chancellor Master Richard of Wich, known to us as St Richard of Chichester.

          He died in 1240 near Pontigny in Burgundy calling God to witness: “I have sought nothing else but you”. He is buried in the Abbey church of Pontigny where he is known as St Edme.

          His feast day is November 16th 和 here at St Edmund's Catholic School we celebrate the Feast of St Edmund's on this day.

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